Cross project reporting with questfox Instant Report

From now on your questfox Instant Report can produce graphics based on different projects of your project space.

Just switch into different projects of your project space and create a chart based on your defined settings.


Inside this report you can now integrate all your different project’s graphics.

Design Changes in questfox Instant Report with a design wizard taking over defined formats onto other charts

Did you ever create graphical templates that were not the best choice of your professional decision making? It then took hours or days to change this one stupid mistake that was spread across hundreds of graphics. With questfox Instant Report you can easily change ALL the design features with just a few mouse clicks.

1. Set one of the graphics to the target design that you want to use


Change all the settings that you would like to see (and perhaps would like to see on different graphics too)

2. Click on “Paste Format to other Charts”


3. Select the format that you want to copy

You now have the option to choose all the design aspects that you would like to see copied from that template chart.


4. Select the design target graphics that should take over your design changes


We are still about to test the effects of these marvelous features. We can already tell you: Be careful with those quick changes. Lucky you: You can also take them back in just seconds.

questfox Instant Report Wizard pushes Reporting to the next level

After intensive tests with more than a hundred beta users, we are proud to announce another major development in the questfox Instant Report feature set. The questfox Instant Report Wizard allows to create entire reports within seconds.
Just select the questions you wish to report and select the split groups as defined in Report Groups. With one click you will receive an Instant Report opening a new Report Page for every question page.

questfox Instant Report Wizard

After the definition of the selected question pages / questions you can chose between some basic settings for the entire report. Do not forget to give a distinctive name to your report and press the “Run Instant Report Wizard” button.

Settings questfox Instant Report

The result will be a questfox Instant Report with all your graphics and tables. You can now still change everything according to your wishes.

Also new: Within a page it is now possible to add charts from all parts of the questionnaire into the desired page with a similar wizard. Also figure out the design template features which help you to set up the design for all pages and graphics of your questionnaire.

Have fun producing better reports.