#questfox feature alert: Auto-Next for Analytic Hierarchy Process in #questfox


After years of research and even a PhD about the idea of shorting complex Analytic Hierarchy Process questionnaires, we finally came up with a pretty simple and straight forward idea which is now implemented inside of questfox.

The NEXT Button does not need to be clicked anymore. A respondent may either click or swipe and let go the slider. We are still testing the effects on respondent’s behaviour and can already advise you to allow a BACK Button too.

Here is an example of someone going quickly through an AHP questionnaire powered by questfox:


If you want to play it live, here is a link for your test drive with questfox


Looking forward to see your projects speeding up in time (and quality).


questlogix re-direct dynamic data transfer into third party system with #questfox

After an interview is finished some projects require to transfer information into a third party system. A panel wants to know who did finish the interview. A CRM manager would like to see the NPS Score in his own system. questfox allows all of this with some interesting features of adding information to a re-direct link.

questlogix allows you to re-direct a person while transferring questfox data into another questfox project or into any other website that allows to receive data.

Open questlogix under Create Settings


Define a condition when this re-direct should occur. It can basically take place at any moment. The standard would probably be “at the end of the survey


Define the Action Procedure as “Redirect to external URL“. Type in your URL and the respective linktails.


The example opens another questfox project and transfers two (first one is red, second is blue) into that new project. The link would look similar to this one:


Using this function you can also send one or several pieces of information into any kind of CRM System (e.g. Client ID plus Net Promoter Score). You only need to know the IDs of the receiving website.

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Magical Re-Direct Linktails in #questfox

questfox SaaS offers all functionalities to transfer data into questfox or to re-direct a person to a thid-party website with additional information to be used by the website owner. to interact with other websites

The structure is always the same:
Link BID= Project ID &q_ Target Variable ={ Value of Target variable }
The brackets { } make sure that the label text is transfered in the link.
If you ad @ after } you can use the actual value behind the label of a question.
For single choice items please ad @ after the }
It might look like this:
Create a new variable inside of questfox and find out the ID of that question under answer settings.

Add this ID to your link with a value behind.

Adding hidden information to your questfox project from the outside


Under INVITE you can add numerous unique links to questfox. The unique links can have additional so called linktails carrying additional information.

Just add &q_ and your question ID with the number that you are transfering (here: 666)


This number will be saved in the variable.

You can use this function to transfer customer IDs into questfox or to differentiate different website sources by giving each partner site a specific link which fills the question with a specific value.

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questlogix re-direct dynamic data transfer into third party system with #questfox



















































































Using variables inside a questionnaire like in serial letters #questfox

In a questionnaire you sometimes need to use a value that was typed-in or clicked inside another question. Transfering data inside a questfox questionnaire is possible after having understood the market research philosophy of label an value and the questfox concept of distinct IDs across all projects.

A simple example:

A single choice question is designed as follows:


Label vs. Value

If the question is a choice question, questfox distinguishes Label from Value.
A variable has a value (Example: 2) which is described by a label (Example: USA)

Finding the questfox ID of a question

If you want to use a questfox variable inside of questfox you need to find the questfox variable ID, which always looks complicated like 3fb21194-bd3c-4dac-b132-095d4d2e1e2f

Under Answer settings you can see the ID of that specific question


A list of all your variables and their respective IDs can be found under “Project Structure” and Show List of Variables.


Adding IDs into the question part

If you want to show the label (=text) or value (=number) you have to put the ID in the question html code in brackets and ad @ to show the value:
  • The label of the variable is {234ccf15-c156-45a1-9767-e0256786752a}
  • The value is {234ccf15-c156-45a1-9767-e0256786752a}@

Just put in those IDs into any kind of questfox question right into the question text.

Anna Liska from germany typed in her favorite number. The receiving page looks like this
 An animated overview about this process:
A live example for you to follow that example:
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