Text2Click: .NET Framework Regular Expressions available in questfox questlogix

We are on our way to construct a fully automated speech interview. We are no yet there, but moving into that direction step by step.

A small but important milestone is the usage of the .net regular expressions language in online interviews on-the-fly. This feature is integrated into the powerful questlogix feature set in which a user can now integrate a logix on versions of written text.


In the condition settings in questlogix there is a new Operator Logic “contains the following text” which you can select or you can select “contains the following text with regular expression”.



You can then specify a specific word or sentence or even misspelled content (like in the example where adsidas is supposed to mean adidas).


If the condition is fulfilled, any of the available functions in questfox can be launched. You could open a different page, launch a calculation or send an email.

In the example, a misspelled brand will automatically be corrected an marked in a list of brands by launching a calculation. This is a Text2Click feature which helps you to correct open answers



The integration of the more powerful functions in this process using .net regular expressions language, allowing much easier comparisons of complex expressions.

The Microsoft.net Regular Expression Language Quick Reference can be found here


You can now apply those settings inside of questfox.