Net Promoter Score now implemented in questfox with automated graphical output

questfox is continuesly improved and now offers a new question type “Net Promoter Score” or short NPS.

The NPS is an additional option to the settings of a semantic differential.

In a perfect world the scale ranges from 0 to 10, where 0 to 6 are considered to be so called detractors, while 9 and 10 are the promoters. The NPS is the substraction of detractors from promoters and shows a percentage of how many people are actually supporting the brand (net promoters).

We used this in a recent study about the willingness to recommend the German goverment to others.


When using the setting NPS on this scale questfox automatically performs the NPS calculation providing the following graphic.


questfox is now able to calculate these not very complicated things live based on your defined question.

Just click on the Net Promoter Score selection box under Visualization to let questfox perform the output calculation.



Animated example of device agnostic location selector in questfox

Device Agnostic question type,

Works inside of questfox based on HTML5 on computers, tablets and smartphones