questfox is an award winning software now

The questfox development team is part of the research team that could win the best practice award 2019 of the DGOF (German Society for Online Research) with the study
„Automation of the Real Voice of the Customer.
Use of massive audio and video interaction in online interviews“

Using the new questfox features of voice and video recording with completely automated transcriptions, the jury found the approach worth award the prestigious best practice award.

For us this is a great honor, having achieved this with our innovative way of enabling research. There is more to come, but we will always depend on researchers integrating our ideas into their projects.

Thanks to Holger Lütters and HTW Berlin, thanks to Malte Freksa and GapFish and thanks to Marc Egger and insius for making this possible together with us.

If you could not make to the presentation, here it is again:
Best Practice Award Competition Presentation at GOR2019

Understanding non-respondents better: Additional filter features for drop-out analysis available in questfox

Normally researchers tend to analyse the data of completed interviews. As we are integrating more and more different technologies causing drop-out problems of a technical background we updated the filter setting for report groups inside of questfox.

From now on it is possible to set a filter to a different completion status of the interview. questfox offers filters for drop-outs, screen-outs and quota full candidates as a filter setting inside the definition of the report groups.
As always: The groups can be defined before starting the interviews so can see your sample grow and analyze potential issues earlier.
Hoping that you can understand the non-respondents better with these new features.

Here is how to define the settings. Please remember to click REFRESH after changing the settings and then SAVE


Talk2Me: questfox Digital Research Voice Assistant goes online

We are happy to announce, that a whole new category of breathtaking question types is out now and available in questfox.

In the CREATE section you will now a find a new category called “User Media”.

Besides the function of a Photo upload we have fantastic new question sets ready to be used.



questfox Digital Research Voice Assistant:
Automation in market research with speech2text technologies

Talk with devices becomes normal

Alexa, Cortana, and Ok, Google are currently the standard voice commands to ask for a digital assistant for help. Now a digital voice assistant is available for the first time in support of a market research interviews.

The team of pangea labs is dedicated passionately to the task of developing mobile methods for market research. Our software-as-a-service survey solution questfox now progressed to a milestone in the development of the survey interaction. It is with great pleasure that we announce today the implementation of a significant step in the development towards mobile methods. We present the questfox voice assistant Talk2Me: a fully integrated speech-to-text solution for verbal survey responses in the context of digital interviews.

MP3 to written text

A customer approached us with the idea to integrate original voice comments from customers in into market research using voice recording. So far not a new idea. As there are already similar methods available, we did not only wanted to meet this requirement, but converted the desire directly into a technical context of digital marketing research under the premise of increased automation. In the age of automation of market research, we did not only want to work with spoken text fragments work as MP3 file, but offer an integrated solution that solves the problem of analyzing large amounts of text. To deliver these verbal answers directly to an evaluation, we have in addition to the voice recorder technology implemented a speech-to-text feature, which transforms the spoken language into written text.

Three new audio question types for market research available in questfox

Total questfox now has three new types of questions for language market research:

questfox question type Functionality
Audio Recorder:The Audio Recorder records spoken language and allows later to listen to the recorded language. This type of question is suitable for sound bites from consumers. In a classical research process, this type of question would have to be transcribed later.
Talk2Me: This new type of question translates the spoken language into text on the fly. The user can then adjust and correct the text before continuing. The recording can be triggered multiple times within this issue in order to give longer thought into sections on record.
Background Speech2text: The first tests with live converting spoken language into written text has frightened some users. To avoid this effect, a variant has been implemented in questfox. With this question type the transformation takes place in the background. Here, the interviewee does not see the transformation of his spoken language while answering.

All new questfox question types, the original audio format, and therefore are available for later purposes, such as integration into a client presentation.

questfox opens up new worlds of interaction in market research. We do not yet know all the consequences, but expect massive changes in the interaction of research interviews.

Next step: sentiment analysis via API

The text data is ready for analysis in questfox with the existing evaluation tools. Creation of tagclouds etc. are right away possible. The next step is to integrate an API for semantic analysis of the text data. The intensive cooperation with the Cologne expert for textual analysis, insius, it will be possible to analyze the spoken texts later in form of semantic analysis.
Thus, we offer a total new way of data collection and automated analysis methods for the market research industry.

Market research internationally and soon globally

This seemingly small idea could lead to an increase of the use of consumer opinions. The written statement of the open text responses has always been a question of education of the interviewee and his ability and willingness to use a keyboard to express himself. In the future there will be fewer socio-demographic differences in the degree of filling of open answers. The digital voice assistant could even interview audiences who do not feel very comfortable in the written comments. They can now give their opinion openly and perhaps more spontaneously.

This new development will be perhaps more important, when we look in the direction of less developed countries with a low degree of literacy. With the digital language assistant in market research, it will be possible to interview people, who cannot read or write. The new technology will lead to larger target groups can be developed that were not accessible to market research so far. This is very advantageous for the questfox Digital Research Voice Assistant automatically detects the spoken language and transmits the text. Interviewing in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French are not a problem today. Other languages will follow.

questfox Digital Research Voice Assistant Process Overview of

Requirements for the Digital Research questfox Voice Assistant

When searching for device-agnostic solutions, we strive to open the technology to as many people as possible without any additional effort needed. We have therefore targeted technologies that already allow interaction with language. Not all even modern browsers will be able to make speech recognition available in the context of a browser interaction. The questfox digital research voice assistant can therefore only be used when the browser technology supports a voice interaction. At the moment these are the browser from Google (Chrome), Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. To our great regret Apple Safari is not yet allowing such technology. With this technology setup it should be possible to carry out mobile speech questionnaires without installing an app.

Support of mobile Apps

We work in the next step in implementing the browser software into the questfox mobile research app, in which we ask the user’s permission for the acquisition of speech, so to use the microphone before interacting.

Disadvantages and fears

The first voices are raised, are afraid of digital assistants and suggest a permanent monitoring by activated microphones. We take these concerns very seriously and want to grant full control of their own responses collected through a survey questfox, the user. That is why with Talk2Me a two stage process available, where the user can first listen to his speech again and can make corrections even in the converted text form before he submits it. We will explore in usability testing whether this variant is acceptance.

We believe to be the first to offer this in German. Other languages are possible. It is then just a matter of the organization of the interview, if multiple languages are to be mixed in a study.


The costs are negligible compared to the currently performed manually transcribing voice files almost. The cloud-based model takes into account the time actually used, we provide our customer. This can vary greatly depending on the project. To avoid the first fear of contact, we plan to offer flat-rate packages that vary depending on the size, number of languages and requirements used in the evaluation.

For existing questfox users the access is for free for the moment. We expect you to make a fair use of the new functions.

questlogix re-direct dynamic data transfer into third party system with #questfox

After an interview is finished some projects require to transfer information into a third party system. A panel wants to know who did finish the interview. A CRM manager would like to see the NPS Score in his own system. questfox allows all of this with some interesting features of adding information to a re-direct link.

questlogix allows you to re-direct a person while transferring questfox data into another questfox project or into any other website that allows to receive data.

Open questlogix under Create Settings


Define a condition when this re-direct should occur. It can basically take place at any moment. The standard would probably be “at the end of the survey


Define the Action Procedure as “Redirect to external URL“. Type in your URL and the respective linktails.


The example opens another questfox project and transfers two (first one is red, second is blue) into that new project. The link would look similar to this one:{ddc779a0-513e-4efb-a0bb-0b58450e5052}&q_b3a908c9-a4bb-4270-b623-6468b6756428={234ccf15-c156-45a1-9767-e0256786752a}

Using this function you can also send one or several pieces of information into any kind of CRM System (e.g. Client ID plus Net Promoter Score). You only need to know the IDs of the receiving website.

In relation to the topic please also consider the posts about

Using variables inside a questionnaire like in serial letters #questfox

Magical Re-Direct Linktails in #questfox



questfox mobile research App for Android available in Google PlayStore

We proudly announce the launch of the questfox mobile App for Android.  The questfox app is showing you nine designed examples of mobile surveys designed with questfox.
We will continously change the examples to inspire you to create mobile first research approaches. There is no plan to sell this app because the serious companies already run their own apps successfully. This app is purely ment to show you how easy it is to integrate a device agnostic research approch into any kind of mobile app.

questfox mobile App

Startscreen pf questfox mobile App

The download is available under:

An iOS Version of the questfox mobile research app will follow in a few days.

#questfox feature alert: Project Style Click Design

questfox questionnaires could always look better than the average online questionnaire out there. From today on it is much easier to create individually designed social interactions with questfox.

The new “Project Style” definitions do no longer require additional skills to make your research approach look beautiful or individual. Without any knowledge of CSS you can individually design background images, Next&Back buttons, interaction buttons and much more.

An example with very colorful backgrounds can be seen here:

The features are available under CREATE SETTINGS – PROJECT STYLE


Net Promoter Score now implemented in questfox with automated graphical output

questfox is continuesly improved and now offers a new question type “Net Promoter Score” or short NPS.

The NPS is an additional option to the settings of a semantic differential.

In a perfect world the scale ranges from 0 to 10, where 0 to 6 are considered to be so called detractors, while 9 and 10 are the promoters. The NPS is the substraction of detractors from promoters and shows a percentage of how many people are actually supporting the brand (net promoters).

We used this in a recent study about the willingness to recommend the German goverment to others.


When using the setting NPS on this scale questfox automatically performs the NPS calculation providing the following graphic.


questfox is now able to calculate these not very complicated things live based on your defined question.

Just click on the Net Promoter Score selection box under Visualization to let questfox perform the output calculation.



Facebook Fan Check inside of questfox with market research features

Working in the field of social interaction requires to check a participant’s fan status on Facebook from time to time.
It is now possible to use market research screen-out features inside of questfox based on the Facebook fan status of a person.

The status can be checked using the Quota Management functions in INVITE.

Everyone who is or is not a fan of a defined Facebook page can be automatically be blocked from taking part in the interaction.

These are the settings:

  1. Type in the name of the facebook fansite (ex. on screen quizfox)
  2. Set the desired status to check (No Fan equals 0 /Fan equals 1)
  3. Type in the text for the people who are screened out.

Checking Facebook Fan Status in Market Research with questfox



Screen out Text for NON-Fans of a facebook page


Using this feature would also allow to exclude fans from taking part in a social web (Foegate).

Share your experience with us and

Data calculation: new mean value calculation without missing values as seperate process

A new  function in the data calculation is now allowing to calculate mean values without taking the three different missing values of a variable into account.
The syntax qf_avg(var1 , var2 , var_n) calculates the mean without the defined missing values of each variable into a defined variable.
Because of the intensity of this new function on the database server, the operation is now taking place in a background process.
The registered user will receive an email once the calculation is fully completed. In times of high server load this might take a minute or two.
We will soon integrate this function into questlogix too.

PDF generator updated

Thank you for all the positive comments on the new server environment. You could already experience the improvement in speed.

In addition to the  new platform we updated the PDF generator.
If you experience any problems please let us know under