#EU DSGVO Imprint and Data Privacy statement texts in questfox

The european law about data security is put in practice since the 25th of May 2018.

As we are offering a tool to save data we also have to prepare ourselves to the conformity of our approach with the hight european standards. As a swiss born company we take this issue very serious.

To help our clients and users to think about data security issues we will develop little helpers to make it easier for you to be legally on the right path.

The first thing we now implemented is a text file in which you can administrate the imprint apart from a privacy statement in which the user can inform the participants about the usage of the data.

Under Edit branding you can define the two seperated texts to be used underneath


In the two HTML Text boxes you can define both IMPRINT and DATA SECURITY POLICY.


In a survey those defined texts will pop-up on the right side of the screen underneath your survey with the names defined in the Edit branding section.


To formulate your individual text, please ask your lawyer or someone who is responsible in your organization. All we can do is help you create surveys under the high european standards.



#Gurkensalat: Historical innovation in market research with questfox

“Das Pferd frisst keinen Gurkensalat.”
Translation: “The horse does not eat cucumber salad.”

This is the first sentence ever spoken in telecommunications as used by the German inventor Philipp Reis, who invented the phone call years before Graham Bell had the idea patented and became world famous.

Reis called his invention “Telephon” which later became the international name for something we use on a daily basis.

Voice interaction is going new ways. We are always trying to change the market research game and are very proud to present the first pure digital speech interaction in market research powered by questfox.

The new questfox feature of Text2Speech lets you create speaking questionnaires. Any text implemented is read out loud to the respondent by an artificial voice. Together with our already developed Voice question type functions we are looking forward to see complete questionnaires without ever using text anymore.

We are not yet there, but this is an attack on the classic telephone interview. We are not only looking for the reduction of cost when developing such an approach, but we are also trying to create interviews of higher quality because of the standardization of the spoken interview.

A big plus is the opportunity to use questlogix and analytic tools in the background. A fully functional digital voice interview would outperform the classic approach by far. It is faster, of higher quality and definitively cheaper.

To honor Philipp Reis, the courageous German inventor, we invite you to test these functions under the hashtag #Gurkensalat. Let us see, what this technology brings.

At the moment we start doing our testing in the German language only. English is soon to follow with the opportunity to select different voices.