QR Code for your questfox project: QRfox

More and more studies are performed on mobile devices with questfox.As it is still not convenient to type in an encrypted link format on a touch device our developers integrate a new fun feature which makes your live a little easier: The questfox QR Code.

On top of the screen, right behind the project link you will see a little icon showing a tiny QR symbol. Clicking on this symbol enlarges the QR code to a size which can easily be photographed with a smart phone.
The QR Image can also be saved with a right click and later be used for printing purposes. We decided to go for a bigger version of the code which can still be shrunk by the user.


QR Code for direct access to questfox


The feature can also be used in the INVITE Section where sometimes dozends of re-direct links are generated. Hope you will enjoy this feature of  questfox.

We already enjoyed testing it for mobile versions of our projects.


Project Live Stats Update in questfox



An updated overview of an ongoing project is now available by clicking “Statistics” on the upper right side of the screen.


The statistics view shows an overview of project details:


The completion rate is based on fully completed answers in relation to the amount of possible answers (without screen out and quota full candidates).

The helpful feature is always available on top of your project screen.


Fast preview now available in questfox

We now integrated a fast preview for question pages and decision trees.

By clicking the preview button inside a page you are automatically directed into the preview mode of this page without showing the intro page. Remember: Mandatory settings are not checked in preview mode (it’s not a bug… it’s a feature).

Again we saved you some valuable seconds of your lifetime. Use it!

questlogix updates online

create_questlogixquestfox received a brush-up in the questlogix section.

Not only the design is improved, but the function for panel interactions are now integrated in questlogix.

The setting of conditions allows to define even the most complex conditions.

Several action procedures are now available. After a condition is fulfilled questfox allows you to distinguish:

  • Activation Procedures (Activation an Deactivation; Jump and Re-Direct)
  • Live Calculations (Calculate on the fly during the interview=
  • Live Reporting (Send Reports even while the interview is still in progress)

A new screen out feature can also mark interviews with the flag “quality issues”

Remember that questfox is fulfilling highest market research industry standards for the setting of very complex logics.


We often figure out, that the software is able to do all this easily, but the person defining the rules sometimes gets lost in complex projects.


Constant SUM in questfox with Live Check of SUM

Even though we are not huge fans of the methodology of a constant sum, we were pretty much forced into its questfox integration.
The constant sum question is checking a list of items for a sum which can be set at a defined value or range. questfox now automatically checks, whether the defined sum is reached.


Example: How do you evaluate the following features of a smartphone?
Please give points to each item which must sum up to 100 points



You will find this new question type under NUMBER


The first version is already integrated into questfox

Number typed in textbox incl. constant sum check

Please allow us to develop the awesome version of a graphical data input of the contant sum inside of questfox (perhaps we will become friends again with the very unliked constant sum)

Number selected with slider incl. constant sum check

“Next” step in automation in questfox

questfox now has two simple but kind of powerful tweeks available.

1. The delayed “Next” Button can be shown with a timed delay on each question page.
This feature is to be used when you want to make sure, that people do not just click through your questionnaire without reading the information.
You can give your respondents a certain amount of time to think about before they can advance by clicking “Next”.

The example shows a setting where the NEXT Button only appears after 8 seconds of screentime of the question.


2. The auto-submit “Next” Button can be automatically set after a defined time in seconds.
This feature can be used to set pressure on the respondents on each page.
You might want to integrate an animated GIF Button counting down from ten in steps of a second to support the understanding of this feature. It could also be used to create a self running demo of your questionnaire.

The example shows a setting where the auto-submit NEXT is launched by questfox after 5 seconds of screentime of the question.


Both settings are defined in the page settings of each question page. The default is 0 (which is also used to switch the function off again)