Settings to the Slider/Handle on a questfox graphical scale

questfox works with a standard slider/handle on each graphical scale starting on the left side. You can change those settings following these instructions.

First: One can manipulate the starting point of the transparent slider by defining a custom slider starting point. Switch the setting to ON and define the number where you wish the slider to be at the start.

The results looks as such:

Until someone ticks one the scale the data is still a missing value as defined in your scale. If someone clicked, the value is set to the nearest scale point of the BACKGROUND definition of your scale.

Remember: The graphical scale is just a trick. The real values of the scale are the ones defined under “edit answer values”. Make sure that your graphical scale always corresponds to the real values as defined. The standard questfox scales do exactly correspond to this precise definition.

Some users reflect on the answering process using questfox stating, that the semi-visible answer handle may already influence respondent’s answering behavior. We are working on that issue.