questfox feature alert: Integration of third party questionnaire data

More and more users become fans of the questfox Living Report features. Some of our clients regret that they cannot use this function with survey data that has been created outside of questfox. So we were asked to make the integration of third party software interviews which were conducted outside of questfox possible.

After several innovations we now offer this opportunity to all our users without the need to contact a database expert. Anyhow it is a little tricky to start an import of external data into your questfox project. We try to describe the steps here:

  1. Generate “empty” interviews in your project
    In order to be able to import data, questfox needs to reserve this empty space for the incoming data before importing. We use a little detour to make this happen.
    Use the simulation function and click Simulate without adding data to ON.

    Define the amount of empty interviews that you would like to create and switch Simulate without adding data to ON.
    Press Run Simulation. You will receive an email to your registered address once this background process is finished.

  2. You now have the desired amount of empty interviews in your project. Before you can use the import functions you need to know the internal ID of your new empty interviews. To get then you have to export the data once.
  3. Combine your external data with the internal IDs that you receive from your export questfox file. You can either fill the empty field EXTERNAL RESPONSE ID with your data file ID or use the questfox INTERNAL RESPONSE ID (something like cbb5a7554057409dbf5d36904829efc5) to define a key to merge the incoming data.
  4. Use the Import Data function to combine the two approaches. See Details

As this procedure is really changing your data we suppose that you first create a copy of your project and try to work with that one. Please remember, that the IDs are different in every project.