questfox external ID issues when working with commercial panels

Every commercial panel has its own definition of incoming and outgoing links when it comes to invitations and questionnaire reactions like screen-out; quota-full or different forms of completition.

A small new feature allows questfox users to use the external ID from a panel provider inside a questfox variable. You can use this feature to redirect participants into different branches while using variants of the ID.

The code for the external ID to be used inside of questfox is simply: qf_ExternalID

Create your hidden text variable and integrate a copy of the external ID inside your project using questlogix’ data calculation.


Use your new variable for further re-directs later.

questfox feature alert: “calculations” with text values possible

Some of our users demanded more features in questlogix dealing with text. Not a lot of people calculate with text, but with the upcoming voice features we are in need of questlogix that are able to change text input based on defined conditions. Text input can now be changed by the questlogix calculation procedure: It can be used for re-coding and cleaning of data sets.

The new thing is just the fact, that a questfox user can now manipulate text entries with questlogix. Does not sound like much? It is a big step into the new world of using speecht2text answers in analytics. The usage of boolean checks for text will follow soon.