Live field report for different target groups in questfox Instant Report

Control about your online fieldwork has never been more convenient.
The field report features of questfox Instant Report allow you to have detailed reports on every report group that you defined. The following graph shows the overview from 3 different questionnaires comparing South Africa, Germany and Australia by looking at the different response behaviour of these groups.



How to integrate that into your questfox Instant Report?

Add another “Chart” to your report.

Select “Field Report” and then select the desired report groups.


It is as simple as that.

Photoshop-ish features in questfox Instant Report picture manipulation

questfox Instant Report now uses a small set of online picture manipulation tools.

Upload one of your pictures and right click the mouse to see the following menue


Clicking EDIT allows you to use a small set of manipulation features for the picture


When pressing SAVE you can create a copy of your result in order not to destroy your initially uploaded picture.


Do not forget to press “Apply” once you found your perfect picture settings


This feature should make your life easier and your reports much more beautiful.

Individual Background Pages for each Page in questfox Instant Report

questfox Instant Report now allows to use a different background picture inside every reporting page


You can either select a picture for ALL Instant Report pages or set it individually to every page.


Also test the additional settings for the definition of your background picture. Looking forward to see more colorful reports in the pangea world.