#questfox feature alert: Complex Hiding Conditions now available as questlogix

The “hiding” feature has been used in questfox for years. From time to time users demanded an opportunity to define some more complex conditions to make on item go away from the respondent’s screen.

We now developed a solution working hopefully once and for all cases. In questlogix the questfox admin can define a complex condition set  triggering an entire list of hiding conditions.

The new questlogixfeatures can completely replace the old function of a hiding condition inside a question. In order to keep the old projects compatible with the new functions we allow the 2 ways for a certain amount of time.


#questfox feature alert: Sentiment Sort now available in questfox


he A new device agnostic feature is available in the SaaS solution questfox. It is now possible to let respondents organize items (graphical or pure text) into a defined set of baskets.

The following animations show the sorting of 5 graphical elements into a set of three targets like in a sentiment analysis.


The development doesn’t stop and we are working of much more cool features to make the market research experience nicer for the millions of respondents out there.

The new question type is available to all subscribers of questfox MR Pro features and is called “Assign items into different categories”. The drag ‘n drop features works on all kinds of devices with touch functionality or mouse usage.

For sure the report is alreasy ready to be reported with questfox Living Reports.

Randomize and Rotation on Page Level now available in #questfox

In a methodogical setting of a questionnaire some researchers would like to randomize or rotate the order of some specific pages of their questionnaire.

Randomizing means to shuffle the defined pages completely while rotation only changes the starting page but keeping up with the order of the pages

This function is now available in questlogix which means that randomization could start after an even complex set of logix.

“Ranking” device agnostic question type now available in #questfox

The development of device agnostic question types in questfox continues.
Happy to present “Ranking”. A sorting quetion type designed for touch devices also functional on all other kinds of devices.

questiontype Sort in ONE in questfox.

Device Agnostic questiontype Sort in ONE in questfox.

This new questiontype also supports graphical items.

Graphical sorting into one basket

Graphical sorting into one basket

Hope you enjoy the new set of functions with #questfox.

The question type is available for subscribers of the MR PRO features.

#TinSort a new question type for the world of device agnostic market research available in questfox SaaS

The Mobile Research landscape needs to change. We are using the same kind of questions that market researchers have been using for more than 50 years on all kinds of devices. The questfox development team is trying to change the world of research by combining new kinds of interaction with serious research approaches. #seriousfun

The new questtype called “Tinsort” is so easy to use that everyone would be able to answer market reserach question now.

Tinsort works on all kinds of devices without additional software.

Tinsort is much more fun if combined with the methodology that is implemented in questfox. Our example shows you a combination of a quick rating with Tinsort followed by an analytic decision tree just incorporating the brands that where positively rated in the first place. A live result is right away calculated.


If you would like to try the example live, please click here http://qfxgo.com/l/ej7n86jt