questfox feature alert: Photos – Qualitative studies in quant online research projects with questfox

We are proud to anounce the new opportunity of taking and uploading photos in a browser based survey approach. A new question type called “Take a Photo” is integrated into a survey page using your devices abilities to photograph or to upload a picture.

We are looking forward to support device agnostic research. This fantastic function is also working on your desktop or laptop device. Depending on the devices attached to your computer you may also take a picture or upload from your computer into the questfox questionnaire. If you do not have any of those devices available you can also drag ‘n drop pictures from one webbrowser tap right into the questfox survey.

New opportunities of qualitative research are now possible integrating quantitative and qualiatative approaches with numerous respondents. The questfox Living Report offers you the opportunity to report the pictures taken based on all other reporting functions of filtering and benchmarking.

We are looking forward to see how your creativity uses this new opportunity in research. Please have an eye on the copyright issues that may arise from this new access to qualitative research.

The function is implemented in our test environment and will be available to all users in 2016.

This is how a question in the survey now could look like



The feature is available in questfox under MR Pro
(requires questfox Professional Edition):