Continents drift apart in questfox

The new continent selector is online inside of

Even though we strongly believe in the pangea concept of continents very close together, we are sometimes forced to show a world from above, where people tend to be dfar away from each other.

The world map with the continents to select from is now availaible in questfox under CREATE – MAPS


Berlin map with 96 districts integrated in questfox


questfox is offering a detailed map of the City of Berlin. In this map the focus is geographical and not political at all.

One can select out of 96 regional spots inside the city/state of Berlin.


This feature is available for questfox users under MAPS




Renaming Response Groups into Report Groups: questfox reporting features aboute to be updated

We are about to develop a set of new and thrilling reporting features for questfox.

While doing usability testing, some of our testers were constantly worried about the wording of the questfox “response group”.
The powerful feature does make a lot of sense, just the wording seems to be misleading. This is why we renamed it into the clearer description of a “Report Group”.

The Report Group sets togehter a defined filter (even complex filters) and allows the questfox user to see the report of a defined group of respondents based on the criteria set in the Report Group definition. You will find the functionality under “Define Report Groups” in the REPORT section of questfox.




Sending individualized PDF reports with questfox to each respondent right after the interview

The questfox functionality of sending out individualized PDF reports has undergone a facelift and especially a technically improvement. As user reports were becoming longer and longer, showing more and more graphical content, respondents did not want to wait until a server could assemble such a document live. This is why the creation of a PDF report has become a background process managed by the questfox server farm. 


How do you send out individualized PDF reports right after an interview?

1. You ask for a respondent’s email address in the survey (CREATE a email input type question)

2, You define the sending of a report to this address (remember to use your individual server settings to send out emails like this. Use the ID of the email adress question as the target variable for the address (ID e.g. 1c7e52f9-7b6f-432c-a015-421701fa932e).

3. Attach a PDF in front and after the individualized report in order to make the PDF more appealing

4. Optional: You can prevent results from being shown in this report by deactivating “Show this page in respondent’s report” in the page settings of each question page Bild





All these settings can be defined under “REPORT- PDF Options”



At the moment your contacts will receive an email sent from In later versions your own email settings can be applied here too.