Domain trouble solved

The domains are working again.

This message is no longer needed

We are moving domains and apparently it does not go as fast as promised. Even though we selected sunday night for these works, it is not yet through all the internet.

If you have trouble login into questfox, please try the following link, which will definitively work. We keep you informed when the classic links will work again

Anything that you are about to create here will also work after the change of urls.

By the way: The interviews are not affected at all. It is just a temporary issue for those who create surveys.

Understanding non-respondents better: Additional filter features for drop-out analysis available in questfox

Normally researchers tend to analyse the data of completed interviews. As we are integrating more and more different technologies causing drop-out problems of a technical background we updated the filter setting for report groups inside of questfox.

From now on it is possible to set a filter to a different completion status of the interview. questfox offers filters for drop-outs, screen-outs and quota full candidates as a filter setting inside the definition of the report groups.
As always: The groups can be defined before starting the interviews so can see your sample grow and analyze potential issues earlier.
Hoping that you can understand the non-respondents better with these new features.

Here is how to define the settings. Please remember to click REFRESH after changing the settings and then SAVE