Price Sensitivity Meter now online with full graphical support inside questfox

For some years questfox is offering the Price Sensitivity Meter (Van Westendorp) in the classic type-in format.
Now the new feature of using graphical scaling has been implemented into questfox®

Handle_PDM1_TooCheap Handle_PSM_OkPrice Handle_GoodPrice Handle_PSM4_TooExpensive

The trick is the combination of an integer question type with a graphical interface.
Using the integer question type you  have to define the range and select an appropriate background graphic and handle.
In the following example the price range is set between 0 and 100.


The graphical question of the Price Sensitivity Meter will look like this.

A little background check is performed, before interviewees can advance in order to make sure that the results make sense (The four answers need to be A<B<C<D).