Response Management – Additional folder structure for “unreachable” respondents

When inviting thousands of people you realize that some of them are hard to get even after inviting and reminding them. If you plan to continue inviting these “hard to get” respondents may be in your way while inviting others.

This is why we defined a new group of respondents like the ones described. You can literally sort them out from the invitation list and put them into a special structure folder. It is possible to organize the people you could not reach with an email in a special folder called “Group of unreachables” 

questfox Button to organize Response Management

To do so you select the candidates that you would like to move and click onto the Action “Move to sorted out” and then press Execute.

“Move to sorted out” function in resonse management

Later you will be able to find those people under “Response Management” and then “Pool of unreachables”

Pool of Unreachables

Potential Respondents who might still want to take the survey after they have been moved into this classification are still allowed to participate. The created links remain active until a person is delete from the list.

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