HTML Trouble with new Decision Tree Stage with Firefox

We are really proud of our update with the new decision tree stage, but some users were facing some browser issues which turn out to become a graphical problem.

The moment you touch one of the new data fields (even without putting content into it), FireFox implements the < br  > sign into the field which means creating a new page without content. This page than shows up as an empty page with a number which is disturbing.

While we are looking for a solution of the problem we would recommend to you not to click into those fields that you do not want to use.
If you want to get rid of entries, we suggest the following work-around:
1. log in in with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari (but not FireFox)
2. enter the item and click on HTML view,
3. delete the < br > content
4. and press save.

This is just a second best solution but might help you setting up your projects.

We keep you informed when the problem is solved.

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