#EU DSGVO Imprint and Data Privacy statement texts in questfox

The european law about data security is put in practice since the 25th of May 2018.

As we are offering a tool to save data we also have to prepare ourselves to the conformity of our approach with the hight european standards. As a swiss born company we take this issue very serious.

To help our clients and users to think about data security issues we will develop little helpers to make it easier for you to be legally on the right path.

The first thing we now implemented is a text file in which you can administrate the imprint apart from a privacy statement in which the user can inform the participants about the usage of the data.

Under Edit branding you can define the two seperated texts to be used underneath


In the two HTML Text boxes you can define both IMPRINT and DATA SECURITY POLICY.


In a survey those defined texts will pop-up on the right side of the screen underneath your survey with the names defined in the Edit branding section.


To formulate your individual text, please ask your lawyer or someone who is responsible in your organization. All we can do is help you create surveys under the high european standards.



questfox ahead of times compared to Apple when it comes to media capturing

We are very proud of our most recent development in speech2text recognition and automated analysis for market research. While still testing the new technology we face issues with some browsers in the market. Our approach is “device agnostic” and should be functional independently from devices or operating systems.

A lot of decision makers tend to use Apple devices and struggle with the new Talk2Me functionalities on their very expensive phones. They right away believe that something is wrong with questfox. Sorry guys. We are ahead of times in terms of development compared to Apple when it comes to media capturing in browser. This time it is not us. It is Apple slowing down innovation.
For the first time in our development we have to aknowledge, that we cannot keep that device agnostic promise for our most recent development. Apparently our developers are ahead of the development of Apple with Safari. The new multimedia functions inside of questfox will only become usable on iOS and Safari with the launch of their new version 11. We are hoping for a quick release within the Apple environment, but this is definitively outside of our reach.

If you want to stay updated about the different functionalities check this website from time to time: http://caniuse.com/#search=getUserMedia()

questfox ahead of development in comparison with Apple

P.S. Internet Explorer is officially dead, but still operating on millions of computers. Hopefully Apple is forcing updates into their user base. Anyhow we try to stay in the first row of innovation knowing that we will lose some people sticking to older technology.


Berlin map as a selector integrated into questfox®

Berlin Mitte and all the rest of the city of Berlin inside questfox

We integrated a new question type as a HTML 5 Selector. A participant can now just click on the map in order to answer.

Try this new and device agnostic function inside of questfox®

Berlin Mitte

One central part of Berlin



Germany Map selector integrated into questfox®

Germany has 16 Bundesländer.

We integrated a new question type as a HTML 5 Selector. A participant can now just click on the map in order to answer.

Try this new and device agnostic function inside of questfox®

Map selector in SaaS research tool questfox®

Map of Germany as question type in questfox®


The question is designed for device agnostic use and is functional on Desktop and mobile devices.


Device Agnostic Research with questfox®

desktop_device_agnostic_research_questfox device_agnostic_research_questfox  tablet_device_agnostic_research_questfoxsmartphone_device_agnostic_research_questfox

questfox is ready for the device agnostic times in research.

No matter which device is used, questfox is able to adapt to the settings of the specific device.

questfox supports Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones with different auto-sensing features.

We are still testing a lot with the universe of sometimes strange devices seeing the different behaviour of an online software in the different environments.

questfox works perfectly in the iOS environment and on Android devices. Nokia Lumia is still a challenge, because it behaves like a desktop computer.


Serious fun®: Gyroscale® integrated into questfox®

We proudly present a major step in market research development on mobile devices: The Gyroscale®

The gyroscale® is a development of pangea labs Switzerland, allowing users to answer in a market research process by moving their mobile devices into one direction.

Even though the use is already fun, the combination with a decision model makes it even more thrilling.

The combination is serious. Serious fun®

#newmr #mobileresearch #marketresearch #gyroscope

The screenshots show the first prototype of an implementation of the gyroscale® on a mobile device.

Gyroscale prototype by pangea labs inside questfox

You can use the seetings inside a decision tree under


and then select the first two versions of the new and unique development in market research by pangea labs

Selection of the new question type garoscale in the SaaS Tool for market research questfox

Selection of the new question type garoscale in the SaaS Tool for market research questfox

Looking forward to see your first new approaches in the world of analytic decision making

More complex hiding conditions available in questfox decision trees inside questfox

As our research projects become more and more complex the expectations grow.

It is now possible to combine a hiding condition inside the alternatives of a decision tree.

Inside the Alternative definition you will now see the option



with and / or.

Until now three combined hiding conditions are possible.



Update to new server farm finished

Dear questfox user. The major update into a new server environment is now completed. The overall performance was the main focus of this update. From now on the times of high server load should be an issue of the past. Our growing environment can now keep pace with your development.

You will experience several new features. Here is a short list of some small improvements which came along with the database update:

  • Complex hiding conditions in decision trees (up to three combinations of and/or relations within a single alternative of a decision tree
  • New questiontype Email (Text type with a small check on symbols like @ and . )
  • New panel gapF!ish integrated

If you should experience any kind of problems after the update please let us know under info@questfox.com.

Major update on wednesday 7.8.2013

We will perform some major updates on our server farm during this week.

The different questfox servers will not be reachable on Wednesday 7.8.2013 after 18:00 C.E.T. 

You will be able to login again in the morning of the 8.8.2013 and will experience some new and thriling features inside of questfox. 

Our excuses for any inconveniences. We hope that you will experience a lot of improvements after the update.

Price Sensitivity Meter now online with full graphical support inside questfox

For some years questfox is offering the Price Sensitivity Meter (Van Westendorp) in the classic type-in format.
Now the new feature of using graphical scaling has been implemented into questfox®

Handle_PDM1_TooCheap Handle_PSM_OkPrice Handle_GoodPrice Handle_PSM4_TooExpensive

The trick is the combination of an integer question type with a graphical interface.
Using the integer question type you  have to define the range and select an appropriate background graphic and handle.
In the following example the price range is set between 0 and 100.


The graphical question of the Price Sensitivity Meter will look like this.

A little background check is performed, before interviewees can advance in order to make sure that the results make sense (The four answers need to be A<B<C<D).