questfox ahead of times compared to Apple when it comes to media capturing

We are very proud of our most recent development in speech2text recognition and automated analysis for market research. While still testing the new technology we face issues with some browsers in the market. Our approach is “device agnostic” and should be functional independently from devices or operating systems.

A lot of decision makers tend to use Apple devices and struggle with the new Talk2Me functionalities on their very expensive phones. They right away believe that something is wrong with questfox. Sorry guys. We are ahead of times in terms of development compared to Apple when it comes to media capturing in browser. This time it is not us. It is Apple slowing down innovation.
For the first time in our development we have to aknowledge, that we cannot keep that device agnostic promise for our most recent development. Apparently our developers are ahead of the development of Apple with Safari. The new multimedia functions inside of questfox will only become usable on iOS and Safari with the launch of their new version 11. We are hoping for a quick release within the Apple environment, but this is definitively outside of our reach.

If you want to stay updated about the different functionalities check this website from time to time:

questfox ahead of development in comparison with Apple

P.S. Internet Explorer is officially dead, but still operating on millions of computers. Hopefully Apple is forcing updates into their user base. Anyhow we try to stay in the first row of innovation knowing that we will lose some people sticking to older technology.


“Ranking” device agnostic question type now available in #questfox

The development of device agnostic question types in questfox continues.
Happy to present “Ranking”. A sorting quetion type designed for touch devices also functional on all other kinds of devices.

questiontype Sort in ONE in questfox.

Device Agnostic questiontype Sort in ONE in questfox.

This new questiontype also supports graphical items.

Graphical sorting into one basket

Graphical sorting into one basket

Hope you enjoy the new set of functions with #questfox.

The question type is available for subscribers of the MR PRO features.

Animated example of device agnostic location selector in questfox

Device Agnostic question type,

Works inside of questfox based on HTML5 on computers, tablets and smartphones