“Next” step in automation in questfox

questfox now has two simple but kind of powerful tweeks available.

1. The delayed “Next” Button can be shown with a timed delay on each question page.
This feature is to be used when you want to make sure, that people do not just click through your questionnaire without reading the information.
You can give your respondents a certain amount of time to think about before they can advance by clicking “Next”.

The example shows a setting where the NEXT Button only appears after 8 seconds of screentime of the question.


2. The auto-submit “Next” Button can be automatically set after a defined time in seconds.
This feature can be used to set pressure on the respondents on each page.
You might want to integrate an animated GIF Button counting down from ten in steps of a second to support the understanding of this feature. It could also be used to create a self running demo of your questionnaire.

The example shows a setting where the auto-submit NEXT is launched by questfox after 5 seconds of screentime of the question.


Both settings are defined in the page settings of each question page. The default is 0 (which is also used to switch the function off again)





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