questlogix updates online

create_questlogixquestfox received a brush-up in the questlogix section.

Not only the design is improved, but the function for panel interactions are now integrated in questlogix.

The setting of conditions allows to define even the most complex conditions.

Several action procedures are now available. After a condition is fulfilled questfox allows you to distinguish:

  • Activation Procedures (Activation an Deactivation; Jump and Re-Direct)
  • Live Calculations (Calculate on the fly during the interview=
  • Live Reporting (Send Reports even while the interview is still in progress)

A new screen out feature can also mark interviews with the flag “quality issues”

Remember that questfox is fulfilling highest market research industry standards for the setting of very complex logics.


We often figure out, that the software is able to do all this easily, but the person defining the rules sometimes gets lost in complex projects.


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