questfox® Instant Report simplifies your market research life

The new reporting features of questfox® Instant Report are appreciated by the first set of users since their launch earlier this year. With only a small set of option you can reach the maximum effect in interactive report.

questfox® Instant Report allows you to

  • Create a chart based on your collected data
  • Implement small or huge amounts of texts in different CSS formats
  • Integrate Pictures
  • Integrate YouTube Videos in your report


It is as simple as clicking your report together with an incredible amount of options to change the look of your report


A set of graphic options is available which can easily compete with Excel’s functions of turning data into a graph.
Some of the graphics are set to a specific default representation but can later be changed into other forms. The follwoing options are available:


Add some structure and some content to your report and you have created an Instant Report which can be published online.


Have fun trying to create a questfox® Instant Report.

By the way: Why not create several reports for different target groups based on the same set of data? questfox Instant Report can support you with that kind of tasks with only a few clicks.

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