#questfox update alert: Device Agnostic Design for the surveytaker

The world of research is driving into mobile first approaches. We seriously regret the lack of methodology in the newest approaches of mobile research, when researchers are doomed to use simple voting questions instead of complex systems of research interviews. We are trying to make mobile research serious as well and even fun when possible. We call it @seriousfun.

The questfox team has been busy all year to develop a consequent device agnostic approach for the respondent’s user experience while taking a survey. Device agnostic means that we do not believe in the support of a specific device but we plan to support any device and browser that follows the defined internet standards (some of the big players are not always doing that).

With the end of the month of september 2015 we will publish a major questfox update that will totally change the user interface towards the respondent. The new questfox solution will be adaptive to all kinds of screen sizes without setting any formatting anymore. As usual we focus a little more on methods hoping to offer a fabulous set of methods to be used even on smartphones.

All your existing questfox projects continue to work as before. But you can opt for the usage of the re-designed surface of the questfox user interface for each project – may it be old or brand-new. Little by little you can update your existing projects and questions by adding some new graphical features to your questions.

In order not change everything at one point we decided to keep the questfox user interface for the surveymaker the same for the moment. A major update with usability improvements is scheduled for later. So questfox will look familiar to you after the update with only some new detail functions.

All other functions of CREATE, INVITE and REPORT stay the same.

What do you have to do? Nothing!
Just wait until we let you know how to allow your respondents to access the new device agnostic interface.

Hoping that you enjoy this milestone of mobile research as much as we do.

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