#questfox feature update: Browser #Fingerprinting to prevent multiple participation from one participant

In times when people receive money in exchange for market research, the willigness to participate several times in a survey tends to be higher.

questfox now offers you a protection from multiple participation by using a browser fingerprinting technology. This option is meant to protect a project from unwanted multiple responses from one browser.

In questfox you can find the option under Project Settings.


Switch it on to protect your project from multiple responses from the same browser. Be aware that even the preview mode will not work anymore after you finished the survey yourself. The blocking of a survey will only be used after a survey was fully completed from that browser.

If a respondent opens the link with a different browser the fingerprinting mechanism would only work after the completion of this survey. To avoid those cases it would be helpful to hide the URL-Paramters in the browser (also under Project Settings).


Overall this feature is helpful to prevent spontaneous multiple participations. If user seriously want to cheat with you, this is only a weak protection. Anyhow we are happy to offer that feature to our users.

questfox is only storing that information for the sheer purpose of blocking people out who already took one specific survey. We are not using or sharing this information at any point during an interview or later.

If you want to find out more about Browser Fingerprinting here is a source where you can find out, how unique your visit to the internet is. https://amiunique.org/fp

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