questfox update planned for July 30th

Dear questfox users around the world

we have some good news for all questfox users, as we are updating some basic infrastructure settings of questfox to cope with the fact that more and more research goes mobile.

Together with those structural updates, we will share the news about an incredible new feature set for mobile research with you soon. questfox will be the first tool to offer something big to the users.

The update is planed for sunday 30th of july. Despite the fact that you should not work on a sunday anyhow, please be prepared for some interruptions in our service to the questfox administrators. The questionnaire level to participants should not be touched by these updates. Only the registered questfox users might face some issues during that day.

By the way: Happy Birthday pangea labs. The developer team of questfox founded the company 11 years ago on July 14th 2006. We will be a revolting teenager soon and hope to never grow adult.

One Comment on “questfox update planned for July 30th”

  1. Nice coincidence.. We set up our company July 14th 1989 .. 200 years after French revolution..

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