TinSort Tricks in questfox

Users ask us how to manipulate the design in the questfox question type TinSort.
Here are some hints on how to manipulate design features:
You can enlarge or squeeze the overall dimension by changing height and width. It is even possible to go into a new non-rectangle format by manipulating those values.
Everything needs to be transferred into CSS that you can just implement on the question page under
Page Settings – Page Style – Define Custom Project CSS
This script helps you to manipulate the size
Overall size
#TinsortImageSize{max-height: 70em;}
Detailed manipulation
 #tinderslide, .tinderslide.wrap{
margin: 0 auto;
height: 16em;
width: 12em;
This would allow you to implement a background picture:

#tinderslide > ul > li{

Manipulating fonts is also possible 
#tinderslide > ul > li> div > div.answerTitle.ng-binding.ng-scope{

Definition of Picturesize
#TinsortImageSize{max-height: 15em;}

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