Tachistoscope in questionnaires with questfox

In the old day a tachistoscope was a hardware device allowing to control the exposition of a picture for an exactly controlled amount of time. This was heavily used in psychology and marketing to figure out effects of understanding and processing time of the human brain.

questfox allows a similar function in the world of software. A tachistostoscope feature can be easily implemented into questfox by setting a time frame for the exposition of a stimulus.

After creating any kind of question page you can define an amount of time in which questfox automatically presses next. The questionnaire will move on after this defined time.

If you want to force the respondents to pass a defined minimum amount of time on the page you can additionally define the delay in seconds.

Here is the setting unter Page Settings tachistoscope_in_questfox

Make sure, that your approach is doable for your selected respondents and also think about the needed loading time for pictures before measuring the time.

This feature can also be used to set time pressure to respondents in choice tasks etc.


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