Distinguishing invitation groups in e-mail invitations with questfox

questfox allows to use different invitation groups in the e-mail invitation process.

What are invitation groups?
By using invitation groups one can better control the sample by inviting different people separately into a survey. A simple invitation group may be male vs. female. A complex invitation group may be age categories or differentiations of client descriptions.

While uploading your e-mail addresses make sure, that you have assigned a value to each case containing the invitation group’s value. The group can be a standard alphanumeric value. So you can really call the group “female”, “male” “unknown” etc. Attention: the selection of the group in the process is case sensitive. “Test” is not equal to “test”

During the invitation it is then possible to select people out of a defined group. Just type in the group name and define how many of those group members you would like to select from the list

Under Options it is possible to apply some additional features:

  • Randomization
  • Amount of reminds (default=0)
  • Number of selections from the list

In the following example 500 respondents from the group “1” are randomly selected.


Depending on the size of your sample the selection process may take a while. Please wait for your browser to have finished the selection process.

If you plan to work through your list step by step you can also do several selections at a time before inviting the selected potential respondents. Example: Select 500 from group 1 and then 300 from group 2 etc.

These powerful features will help you to create better samples. With the soon to come functionality of scheduling e-mail invitations this will make your research better with less work needed.