Deletion Protocol of response management data following the rules of EU GDPR (DSGVO)

Another deletion idea concerns the invitation part.  It is now possible to delete all response management data with only one click (and another security click) from questfox.

We are supporters of the highest standards in data security possible in research.  We do not only try to follow the rules. We try hard to make them applicable in a reasonable setting for the researcher. As you are the responsible person to follow the EU standards of deletion we offer this new function to all users to make the process transparent.

In questfox it is possible to keep personal information for invitation purpose is completely apart from response data.  questfox allows you to keep E-Mail invitations together with additional information inside the “INVITE” section. This information is solely used for the invitation process including potential reminders and memos sent to the respondents. The data kept under “INVITE” can not be exported, as it should never be linked to any kind of response data given by the participants.

During the response management process, questfox separates not yet invited people from already successful participants and keeps some of the dropouts in an extra structure to be able to remind them in a different way. Until now it has been the a little difficult to delete all the different response data inside one questfox project. These days are over now.

Owners of the rights to enter INVITE can use this function to delete all invitation data at once.

The data given during the interviews is NOT affected by this procedure. You just delete all the email addresses and links created for this project. Following your data security rules you should apply this function in a defined time frame (e.g. 30 days after the last interview conducted).

The person starting the deletion process will receive an email with the following information.

questfox automatic deletion notification service <>

The response management data for the following project was permanently deleted from the questfox server. This is the deletion protocol for the operation inside of questfox.

  • Project Space: Your Project Space
  • Project Name: Name of YOUR Project
  • Deletation Date: Montag, 21. Januar 2019 07:28
  • Amount of Invitation Data Sets deleted from questfox: 4235
  • Deleted by: Administrator

With the reception of this e-mail no personal information is kept inside the tool. Do not reply to this e-mail.

Some organizations require to save the deletion protocol in a different environment. You can integrate the email address of an official under CREATE Project Settings. Once there is an email address this account also receives a copy of the deletion protocol sent by email.

Hoping that this function makes your research life easier and the legal aspect of your research is fully covered when using questfox.

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