New question type Speech2Text Quality Score

questfox is fully into Speech.

In order to learn more about the quality of the transcriptions possible, we integrated a new speech type with the only job to check for the quality of the audio transcript. The new question type is available under “Multimedia Insights” with the label “Speech2Text Quality Score”.

Integrating the speech-to-text Quality Score allows you to use a simple test for the quality of the audio transcription. The result is the score comes out between zero (no quality) and 1 (perfect quality). The higher the score, the better the quality of the transcript.  Before using live transcription in an interview situation, we recommend to have at least 0.7 in quality or above.

If the quality score falls below 0.5, we recommend to not use Audio transcription features in your project. Reason for a bad score could be the overall sound environment of the recording situation or the poor expression quality of the speech of an individual.

By using questlogix, you can steer a participant through the interview by not allowing voice functionalities in the interview situation.

At the moment we recommend to save the quality score along with the data to learn more about your respondents and their technical setting. Looking at the potential base of users being able to use speech on their device, more than seventy percent of the worldwide internet population should technically be available to participate in such a voice study.  But in reality the feasibility of speech technology falls way behind those wishful numbers. Integrating the quality score will help you understand your speech in research opportunities better.

By the way: we do not record whatever people say under this quality score question. You can change the sample sentence that people should use in this question type into whatever you would like to.

You can also use the outcome as a variable in the ongoing interview by showing the score or using it as a trigger for a questlogix.

Explanation to better understand the Transcription Confidence Score

ScoreRatingTo Do
above 0,9very goodjust go on with your project
0,8 – 0,9goodno need do change anything
0,7 – 0,8acceptablereduce background noise
0,6 – 0,7usable with cautioncheck microphone
0,5 – 0,6not acceptablere-position microphone/person
0 – 0,5very baddo not use AUDIO functionality

One Comment on “New question type Speech2Text Quality Score”

  1. […] Transcription Confidence ScoreThe confidence score between 0 (worst) and 1 (perfect transcription) is an educated guess about the quality of the transcript. After testing this feature with an extra question type we finally integrated it into all transcription question types as it is often demanded.See the explanations on the transcription confidence score in this prior post from Mai 2019 […]

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