The real voice: feature alert organizable folder structure for audio and video recordings

More and more of our customers are discovering the beauty of Voice or Video answering in research interviews.

The quality of the transcriptions is getting better day by day, but a lot of our users still like to record the audio file as a backup for the transcription (user’s conscent is always required).

With the growing number of recordings, the organisation of these files becomes difficult. Some project owners would like to save the files week by week. Some would like to organize the content by question number and just recently some users wanted to save these files organized in a separated folder for each participant separately.

From now on it is possible to define the way your audio/video files are stored.

Under Project Settings you can select

Organize audio/video file upload by…

Default is organisation by QUESTION

This setting right away changes the way multimedia recordings are saved in your project. You will still find those files in the folder survey_uploads in the FileManager.

A glance at our future development. In order to save data and to make it more secure we will allow to user your own SFTP server for these uploads. Please allow us some weeks before we can officially publish this security update.

Update November 2020: The SFTP Connection to your own server is ready to be used. More details under:

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