Changing the Next Icon in questfox Next Button

The standard NEXT button in questfox appears to be boring sometimes. You can change the colors and the mouse-over colors including the text under project style and then Next-/Back-Button

Additionally you can change the little icon on the right side by adding a css to your project design

This is how you integrate the code for a standard icon

The icon should be around 30 pixels in height. You can also experiment with bigger ones.

.btnNext .btn::after { content: url(“https://linktoyouricon.png”); }

And in case you want to use a different icon for the mouse-over setting this is also possible with the :hover function

.btnNext .btn:hover::after { content: url(“https://linktoyouricon.png”); }

As you can see animated GIFs are also possible

Hope you can make things more beautiful with this little hack.

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