#404 New error messages when dealing with questfox links

Setting projects offline/online

questfox can set projects online or offline. As users were not able to distinguish a broken link from a project set to offline we established new error messages. Our excuses for doing this so late.

A project set to offline will always show your individual offline message. You can create this message under project settings – edit.

Hide URL-Parameters of the project

We describe the function of Browser Fingerprinting in this post from 2016.

Under project settings one can define the URL to be hidden in the browser.

The standard questfox link is looking like
and will be replaced with a useless HTML page https://q.questfox.com/go.html

This view in the browser has the sheer function NOT TO BE copied. This should protect your project from unintended participation if you do not want people to copy and spread the invitation link they see in their browser. Anyhow we experienced that people still try to copy and paste this link and end up on a 404 error page.

Some users copy and paste links while destroying the link structure. This ends in a classic 404 error (page not found). We created a new 404 page to show to anybody that the link is not correct.

Digital Fingerprinting against multiple participation

If you use digital fingerprinting in your project you can block-out people from multiple participation.

The setting is under project settings. Default is off.

If you switch Browser Fingerprinting to ON, each device/browser can only participate once. As this includes you as the person testing the survey it may be a good idea to only use that function right before you go online.

The new error message for the digital fingerprint looks as such:

If someone sees that message the person probably tried to participate more than once.

Links in questfox. Personalized, anonymous or QR Code?

questfox offers a lot of opportunities to individualize the interaction with respondents. The email invitation is a standard procedure that is based on a created link. Links can be general (everyone uses the same link) not allowing to control for participation and not able to prevent multiple participation or personalized.

A personalized link has the feature of being able to continue the questionnaire at the last answering page in case someone did not finish the survey and wants to continue some other time. It is also possible to only allow participation with individual links.

questfox is able to shorten links. There are several options to do this. Under Create Re-Direct Links you can create a shortened link. In case you need personalized links there is the feature of creating a list of anonymous (because the system questfox does not know where this link is going to be used) links and then download a csv file. One can then use the serial letter functions in Outlook to send out an email with very individual links.

By the way: The questfox links are not the shortest ones on the internet. Also questfox does not mean a lot to the people out there. So it may be an idea to use an additional link shortener in which you make the questfox shortlink even shorter. We used to use goo.gl (which was stopped by Google) and now really enjoy www.bit.ly (professional version requires payment). A nice initiative in Germany even sends a political message with their link shortener against NAZIS. See https://fckaf.de/

Hybrid versions of the link structure are also common. A client recently generated 80 general links to be spread in his 80 branches and 2000 individualized links for his employees. For the 80 links the client needed 80 different QR Codes.

We had the task to generate 80 QR Codes and found this marvelous template from Tammy Worcester which allows to integrate your questfox links and automatically generates as much QR Codes as you need. The template runs of Google Tables and is available here. Thank you Tammy!

It is a bit tricky to play around with the formats, but if you stay online with chrome you can easily use this template. In questfox you can then see the participation rate of each link. If you download the list again the status of the participants may have change into completed, droped-out etc.

Settings to the Slider/Handle on a questfox graphical scale

questfox works with a standard slider/handle on each graphical scale starting on the left side. You can change those settings following these instructions.

First: One can manipulate the starting point of the transparent slider by defining a custom slider starting point. Switch the setting to ON and define the number where you wish the slider to be at the start.

The results looks as such:

Until someone ticks one the scale the data is still a missing value as defined in your scale. If someone clicked, the value is set to the nearest scale point of the BACKGROUND definition of your scale.

Remember: The graphical scale is just a trick. The real values of the scale are the ones defined under “edit answer values”. Make sure that your graphical scale always corresponds to the real values as defined. The standard questfox scales do exactly correspond to this precise definition.

Some users reflect on the answering process using questfox stating, that the semi-visible answer handle may already influence respondent’s answering behavior. We are working on that issue.

Simplifying teamwork with testing comments

For years already teams are using questfox with the opportunity to leave user comments underneath each question page.

We just added a feature simplifying your work with the new opportunity of looking at all comments in one place while allowing to edit the comments.

Under “Create Settings” you can now see “Show Test Comments” where you can right away edit the comments to a project. Some users also wished for a printing opportunity which you now have by printing the new overview page.

As all comments are copied together with a project the function “Delete Test Comments” still make sense. Hoping to improve your project work with this little non-research related feature.

Deletion Protocol of response management data following the rules of EU GDPR (DSGVO)

Another deletion idea concerns the invitation part.  It is now possible to delete all response management data with only one click (and another security click) from questfox.

We are supporters of the highest standards in data security possible in research.  We do not only try to follow the rules. We try hard to make them applicable in a reasonable setting for the researcher. As you are the responsible person to follow the EU standards of deletion we offer this new function to all users to make the process transparent.

In questfox it is possible to keep personal information for invitation purpose is completely apart from response data.  questfox allows you to keep E-Mail invitations together with additional information inside the “INVITE” section. This information is solely used for the invitation process including potential reminders and memos sent to the respondents. The data kept under “INVITE” can not be exported, as it should never be linked to any kind of response data given by the participants.

During the response management process, questfox separates not yet invited people from already successful participants and keeps some of the dropouts in an extra structure to be able to remind them in a different way. Until now it has been the a little difficult to delete all the different response data inside one questfox project. These days are over now.

Owners of the rights to enter INVITE can use this function to delete all invitation data at once.

The data given during the interviews is NOT affected by this procedure. You just delete all the email addresses and links created for this project. Following your data security rules you should apply this function in a defined time frame (e.g. 30 days after the last interview conducted).

The person starting the deletion process will receive an email with the following information.

questfox automatic deletion notification service <deletion@questfox.com>

The response management data for the following project was permanently deleted from the questfox server. This is the deletion protocol for the operation inside of questfox.

  • Project Space: Your Project Space
  • Project Name: Name of YOUR Project
  • Deletation Date: Montag, 21. Januar 2019 07:28
  • Amount of Invitation Data Sets deleted from questfox: 4235
  • Deleted by: Administrator

With the reception of this e-mail no personal information is kept inside the tool. Do not reply to this e-mail.

Some organizations require to save the deletion protocol in a different environment. You can integrate the email address of an official under CREATE Project Settings. Once there is an email address this account also receives a copy of the deletion protocol sent by email.

Hoping that this function makes your research life easier and the legal aspect of your research is fully covered when using questfox.

questfox feature alert: New deletion functions for pages

Normally we happily announce new features creating fantastic things. This announcement is a little different as it only announces new deletion functions inside of questfox.

Users will be happy to have these new functions facilitating the way you can create projects together with the “copy function” and “copy project as template” functions it makes sense to quickly delete selected questions from a list of question pages.

Select the page you wish to delete and press “DELETE”. After a few seconds your selected pages will vanish from the list as they are gone forever.

Please use this function with maximum care as there is no way of turning this procedure back. Once delete the questions are gone. We hope, that you enjoy that function anyhow. The deletion of selected questlogix will follow soon.

In case of a 404 – qfx Domain quick fix

The modern internet requires SSL certificates on different kinds of domains and pages. Trying to provide secure access to questfox we had some work to do to fix the difference between a website and an operative domain for the software service questfox. We hopefully fixed all the domain issues. In case you may still find a 404 error pointing to the wrong page please be so kind to add the prefix “qfx” in front of the link.

For example instead of
integrate qfx into the link like this

This will probably bring you right away to the page you are looking for.

Domain trouble solved

The domains are working again.

This message is no longer needed

We are moving domains and apparently it does not go as fast as promised. Even though we selected sunday night for these works, it is not yet through all the internet.

If you have trouble login into questfox, please try the following link, which will definitively work. We keep you informed when the classic links will work again


Anything that you are about to create here will also work after the change of urls.

By the way: The interviews are not affected at all. It is just a temporary issue for those who create surveys.

#EU DSGVO Imprint and Data Privacy statement texts in questfox

The european law about data security is put in practice since the 25th of May 2018.

As we are offering a tool to save data we also have to prepare ourselves to the conformity of our approach with the hight european standards. As a swiss born company we take this issue very serious.

To help our clients and users to think about data security issues we will develop little helpers to make it easier for you to be legally on the right path.

The first thing we now implemented is a text file in which you can administrate the imprint apart from a privacy statement in which the user can inform the participants about the usage of the data.

Under Edit branding you can define the two seperated texts to be used underneath


In the two HTML Text boxes you can define both IMPRINT and DATA SECURITY POLICY.


In a survey those defined texts will pop-up on the right side of the screen underneath your survey with the names defined in the Edit branding section.


To formulate your individual text, please ask your lawyer or someone who is responsible in your organization. All we can do is help you create surveys under the high european standards.



EU-DSGVO / GDPR & questfox: Important Notice

Datenschutz – questfox is ready for EU-DSGVO / GDPR

EU-DSGVO / GDPR & questfox

Am 25. Mai 2018 müssen nach einer zweijährigen Übergangsfrist die Vorgaben der EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO) umgesetzt sein. Die DSGVO wird nicht nur für europäische Unternehmen gelten, sondern auch für viele Unternehmen außerhalb Europas.

Die DSGVO führt hierbei zu deutlich erhöhten Compliance-Anforderungen an Unternehmen. Der Einsatz von Auftragsverarbeitern (Stellen, die personenbezogene Daten im Auftrag des Unternehmens entsprechend dessen Anweisungen verarbeiten) erfordert zwingend den Abschluss von Datenverarbeitungsverträgen.

pangea labs nimmt Datenschutz immer sehr ernst. Die Datenschutzgrundverordnung sehen wir als europäischer Anbieter als große Chance. Wir sind zwar gestresst von den Umsetzungen der Anforderungen, sind aber davon überzeugt, dass es langfristig zu einem Wettbewerbsvorteil führt, wenn die Anforderungen korrekt umgesetzt sind. Die Zeiten der wilden Datensammlung gehen damit zu Ende und wir freuen uns auf Marktforschung im Zeitalter des Schutzes des Individuums.  Wir freuen uns, dass wir so unseren Kunden auch zukünftig die rechtskonforme Durchführung ihrer Forschungsprojekte ermöglichen können.

Die Regelungen der DSGVO haben wir uns sehr zu Herzen genommen und einige Dinge für die Verwendung von questfox geändert. Wir gehen damit teilweise über die Forderungen der DSGVO hinaus, denn wir wollen das Individuum vor dem Zugriff Dritter schützen. Read the rest of this entry »