QR Code for your questfox project: QRfox

More and more studies are performed on mobile devices with questfox.As it is still not convenient to type in an encrypted link format on a touch device our developers integrate a new fun feature which makes your live a little easier: The questfox QR Code.

On top of the screen, right behind the project link you will see a little icon showing a tiny QR symbol. Clicking on this symbol enlarges the QR code to a size which can easily be photographed with a smart phone.
The QR Image can also be saved with a right click and later be used for printing purposes. We decided to go for a bigger version of the code which can still be shrunk by the user.


QR Code for direct access to questfox


The feature can also be used in the INVITE Section where sometimes dozends of re-direct links are generated. Hope you will enjoy this feature of  questfox.

We already enjoyed testing it for mobile versions of our projects.