Copy from template. questfox feature alert: Complex research template definitions now available in questfox

The SaaS tool questfox is constantly growing in options for serious research. Different client demands change the direction of our development map constantly. In order to cope with all the different wishes, we created a new copy function that allows to create individualized complex templates based on several question pages which have a core connection to each other.

Copy from template is a new quest for the future that will facilitate your work in complex projects. You can now integrate complex combinations of questions together with questlogix rules into another project.

This helps you to create lists of joint question pages to be used in different projects. We will create a bunch of examples to be used to show you the power of these functions.

This also means, that you do not only depend on the questfox development team to create complex research settings. You can now create your own library of interdependent questions. The standard will probably be something like a list of known brands after which you only want to ask about brands prior marked as known. With the new copy from template function you can now also create complex funnels. Once you are done creating such a funnel, keep a copy of those questions in your personal library for later use in different projects.

How to use the function:

Select Copy project as template under CREATE SETTINGS.

Copy project as template questfox2018

After selection the function you will see a short interactive menu in which you select the target project space in which you want to integrate your template and the exact target project. Please select the position in which you want to integrate the template. questfox integrates your template before that defined position.

Press Start Copy and within seconds the target project will have those questions from the template and the underlying questlogix integrated. After this procedure you can still select the order of pages in your target project.

We hope that this feature contributes to the use of more powerful research settings when using questfox. Good luck with your ideas. Hope that you may share complex projects also with others.

P.S. What is the difference of this function compared to copy project or copy question page? Copy project creates a clone of your project under a new name. Copy question page just creates a copy of your question (without the underlying questlogix. Copy project as template integrates a complete project into your existing project while taking along the underlying questlogix.