Facebook Fan Check inside of questfox with market research features

Working in the field of social interaction requires to check a participant’s fan status on Facebook from time to time.
It is now possible to use market research screen-out features inside of questfox based on the Facebook fan status of a person.

The status can be checked using the Quota Management functions in INVITE.

Everyone who is or is not a fan of a defined Facebook page can be automatically be blocked from taking part in the interaction.

These are the settings:

  1. Type in the name of the facebook fansite (ex. on screen quizfox)
  2. Set the desired status to check (No Fan equals 0 /Fan equals 1)
  3. Type in the text for the people who are screened out.

Checking Facebook Fan Status in Market Research with questfox



Screen out Text for NON-Fans of a facebook page


Using this feature would also allow to exclude fans from taking part in a social web (Foegate).

Share your experience with us and www.questfox.com.

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