Facebook Fan Check inside of questfox with market research features

Working in the field of social interaction requires to check a participant’s fan status on Facebook from time to time.
It is now possible to use market research screen-out features inside of questfox based on the Facebook fan status of a person.

The status can be checked using the Quota Management functions in INVITE.

Everyone who is or is not a fan of a defined Facebook page can be automatically be blocked from taking part in the interaction.

These are the settings:

  1. Type in the name of the facebook fansite (ex. on screen quizfox)
  2. Set the desired status to check (No Fan equals 0 /Fan equals 1)
  3. Type in the text for the people who are screened out.

Checking Facebook Fan Status in Market Research with questfox



Screen out Text for NON-Fans of a facebook page


Using this feature would also allow to exclude fans from taking part in a social web (Foegate).

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New ways to publish on Facebook

Due to some technical changes initiated by Facebook, the publication of questfox links on Facebook has undergone some changes. The major change is the necessity to use secure connections.

This is how you use the new connection to facebook with questfox:
In the section invite  you will find the opportunities to publish your link to facebook und “Redirect Links”.

Once you installed a specific redirect link, you will find it in the list of re-directs.

The facebook link is to be found behind the logo facebook link .
Right click the facebook link logo to get access to the facebook link directly. This link can be posted everywhere and will directly open your questionnaire in the facebook frame.
The new facebook links looks like this:


All the necessary settings for the facebook use are already integrated in the background of the link. If you used several aditional linktails they are also integrated automatically in the facebook re-direct.

Have fun with this new way of publishing questfox studies right on facebook.