Speeders stopped in questfox – clients can save money while improving sample quality

Speeding of respondents prevented by questfox

Some respondents tend to speed through a questionnaire for different reasons. There are people who even seem to be able to read entire pages in a second or less.

questfox now offers the opportunity to stop respondents from speeding through a questionnaire. In page settings for each page you can set a limit which should not fall below a defined minimum time. Example: If you defined a speed limit in a page (in seconds) the overall time used until that point is taken into consideration. If a respondent reached page ten already after 55 seconds, the person might be considered to be speeding and will be screened out by questfox (Example if setting in q10 is set to 55). Attention: The overall answer time upto that point is calculated.

You can also set severall speeding control points in a project. Carefully integrate that function into your projects and you will save money and grow the quality of your sample.


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