Optimization for mobile research in questfox

As new smartphone devices become more and more common in market research questfox tries to keep pace with the exploding market of device.
There are little changes in the background that you might have sensed already.
The moment questfox detects a mobile device, the following actions are automatically started:
– The NEXT Button automatically is set to the left side of the screen and moved closer to the question
– The entire page is no longer centered to the screen, but starting in the upper left corner
– Any project logo is NOT shown anymore in order to save the space for the questions
– The new feature of clicking anywhere on the answer or pictures of an item is applied in all versions of interviews.

We are working on different CSS stylesheets for the device jungle which we will provide to you on demand.

Please consider these changes to be minor fixes of an interface basically designed for the larger screen. We know that the interview interface needs a general brush-up too and we are working on this too…

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