Showing Matrix answers line-by-line in questfox. Improvement in usability for the respondent

A new feature in the world of multidimensional questions is now available in questfox.
Some people are worried if respondents even care to read a question in a complex matrix questiontype. We now offer a pretty simple solution by showing every answer item line one after one. The moment, the answer to an item is clicked, the next line of items appears. Once you are done with the item list, you can control your answers before clicking next.

This is an example of the idea in questfox, where the next line of questions only pops-up after the first one was answered.


The fantastic feature does not require any programming skills. It is availabe in questfox under


Just set your Matrix question to “Show Answer item lines step-by-step”


We are working on the integration of this usability feature on different forms (semantic differential; price sensitivity meter …)

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