questfox® Instant Report launched

The new reporting stage is now permanently integrated into the SaaS-Solution questfox.The Alpha-Testing is over and we are now inviting you to try the new reporting stage that we call: questfox® Instant Report. Registered users will find the new button “Create Instant Report” in the Reporting Stage of

The concept of questfox® Instant Report is the idea of preparing a report before the survey even starts.

Create a new Report by clicking on


A list of questfox® Instant report features:

  • Instant report from live data of market research surveys, quizzes or feedback questionnaires.
  • Dashboard features to monitor the development and all content of a study.
  • Parallel reports for different audience groupss. A single research project could create a number of separate reports using the same data base, but showing different things to different stakeholders. The data is updated live.
    Multi-Client studies can be used and create separate reports, which is updated automatically and will be published separately.
  • Every item of the questionnaire can be used to either be reported or serve as a group split variable. The usage is easy and intuitive.
  • Blog Features: questfox® Instant report is based on the idea of online blogging, which theoretically can have a infinite length. The report is always a combination of data, graphics, text, images and even videos. In the future, other HTML elements can be integrated so that the research might no longer be seen as a typical market research report.
  • questfox® Instant Report is fully developed based on HTML 5 and is therefore a modern tool which automatically saves it in the browser and drag n ‘drop works. It should work on a lot of devices, but we stil run some tests.
  • The representation of charts is always based on the data from the questfox survey engine and delivers results instantly. The design of the graphics is extremely flexible. One can hide, move or resize online items. It is so powerful that questfox® Instant report appears more flexible than the industry standard Excel for some of the graphical representations.
  • A variety of graphic templates is already available. Here, the development team has focused on the key types of presentation graphs. Other types are gradually added
  • All labels are always editable without having to change the questionnaire. All items axes and headings can always be adjusted manually.
  • CSS Design for questfox® Instant Report: The questfox® Instant Report engine permits the use of CSS styles for the entire report. This allows to create fresh designs even within the corporate design rules.
  • The idea of an online reporting leads directly to the idea of online distribution of reports. A Social Share option makes the report accessible even outside the questfox engine. An additional password protection can be added to secure a public report.
  • So called Report Groups are the basis of the definition of group comparisons. Each interviewed or calculated item can later be used in questfox® Instant Report as the basis for benchmark comparisons.
  • Unique formatted reports can be copied and saved with a different set of data analysis. In this way, different views on an issue can be created with one report.
  • Social sharing: questfox® Instant report allows the sharing of the report in the usual social media.

Enjoy these marvelous new features and share the results that help this world to become a better place.

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