No more Excel, SPSS or other charting tools needed with questfox Instant Report

Forget about Excel or other charting tools. The creation of charts from live research projects has never been easier.
questfox Instant Report is charting live from questfox Data.
questfox now allows you to use a set of standard procedures for all kinds of charting like

Bar charts and Column charts

columnchart_questfox barchart_questfoxrangebarchart_questfoxrangecolumnchart_questfox

Pie Chart and Donut Chart

piechart_questfox donutchart_questfox

Line Chart and Area Chart

linechart_questfox areachart_questfox

Radar Charts

radarlinechart_questfox radar_column_chart_questfox radarareachart_questfox

And coming soon: The Tag Cloud


questfox can produce any kind of chart based on your questfox research data.
Very important: questfox offers a comparison of data groups in the charting.

One thing questfox still cannot do automatically: Make sure, that your data representation makes sense.

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