questfox Instant Report comes to life: questfox Living Reports

We are proud to announce a milestone in the development of market research reporting: questfox Living Report
questfox Living Report is the next step in our development towards seamless reporting and presentation of market research data without switching between different media forms.

MR Reports tend to be dead by definition. The moment you are printing them the conncection to new information is destroyed.
With questfox Living Report a report is by definition alive and can update itself with data from incoming respondents’ answers.

The functions of questfox Living Report now allows to either start a live presentation or creates a PDF Export of the defined report.


The new function SHOW PRESENTATION is allowing you to present live from your created questfox Living Report.

Navigating through the presentation can be done with the mouse or the keyboard cursor.

The triangles show you possible ways to go. The slideshow is forwarded by clicking right.


To see an overview of your entire presentation press the ESC key on your keyboard. It will look like this:


See the following video to get an impression about the new feature set in practice.

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