New #paradata functions integrated into questfox SaaS Market Research Tool

questfox now allows the use of additional background tracking information during a survey process on the level of specific question pages. The data collected sums up as “Paradata”. As a fundamental decision we decided not to track everything possible permanently but would allow the researcher to track specific data whenever needed. Researchers might want to learn about the effect of certain question settings to a project and can therefore implement the tracking for specific question types.

The new functions are integrated as a hidden question at the place of your questionnaire where you want to track this.



The tracking options consist of

  • Check for mobile devices
  • Position Tracking (when possible and allowed)
  • Response Time Tracking on the question page level in seconds
  • Behaviour Tracking with answering devices (Mouse mouvements).


This function is trying to read the basic information about the device, being able to tell whether the device is categorized as “mobile”. The automatically saved answer can be used to change the questionnaire and allows special mobile functions of questfox like the gyroscale.


The Global Positioning data can be kept with this function (if the respondent’s device allows this) and can be used for additional reporting in the field of location mapping.


Response time can be measured and reported for each question page. questfox allows a different behaviour of the questionnaire based on the information gathered.


This function will allow to see how many miles a respondent has taken to complete the survey. This information can be used in order to see whether someone just clicked through the questionnaire or took his time and changed his mind while answering.

Looking forward to boost your research approach with these new functions. Please allow us some time to develop the reporting functions for these marvelous new features.

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