Import external data into #questfox survey data


We happily announce the possibiliy to merge external data with response data from interviews inside of questfox. The function can be used to integrate customer data or non-responsive tracking data in combination with the incredible questfox living report features.

The function “Import Data” in the section REPORT allows you to assign additional data to your existing questionnaire data.

There are only two pre-requisite to merge a data file into questfox:

  1. A variable with the defined name of the input field has to be created inside of questfox. The ID of this variable becomes the name of the first row in your upload data.
  2. An identical key to merge the upload file is used in both data sets (questionnaire and import file)

How to use the data import function:

  1. Prepare the required empty questions in your questfox project of the kind of data you would like to import (text, number, single choice etc.). It is a good idea to use the first page of your project for this purpose. Make sure that the questions are hidden from the interview process.
  2. Prepare the upload data to communicate with questfox. Prepare a CSV file (comma seperated values), in which the first column contains the merging key data. The first row of your CSV file must contain the question ID of the prepared empty questfox placeholder (ID looks like this 6c50a15c-86ac-49b9-b7de-674a9a6a45bb; the list of IDs of your project can be found under CREATE – Settings – Project Structure – Show all Variables).
    Your data structure should look like this prior to upload.questfox_import_data_explanation
  3. Under REPORT – Report Settings click on Import Data


4. Select the file and press “Start Import”


5. Select the Target variable in questfox to be matched with the external key (first row of your data set).

The key can be matched with an Internal Respondents ID, an External Respondents ID or a Custom variable of your questfox questionnaire.


After clicking next the data is integrated. Depending on the filesize it may take even minutes before your entire data set is integrated. A success message will apear after a successful import.


The new functions will help you to generate more detailed insights of your questionnaire projects. Looking forward to see you progress with questfox. Make sure not to break any data security rules when using the import funtions.


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