Using variables inside a questionnaire like in serial letters #questfox

In a questionnaire you sometimes need to use a value that was typed-in or clicked inside another question. Transfering data inside a questfox questionnaire is possible after having understood the market research philosophy of label an value and the questfox concept of distinct IDs across all projects.

A simple example:

A single choice question is designed as follows:


Label vs. Value

If the question is a choice question, questfox distinguishes Label from Value.
A variable has a value (Example: 2) which is described by a label (Example: USA)

Finding the questfox ID of a question

If you want to use a questfox variable inside of questfox you need to find the questfox variable ID, which always looks complicated like 3fb21194-bd3c-4dac-b132-095d4d2e1e2f

Under Answer settings you can see the ID of that specific question


A list of all your variables and their respective IDs can be found under “Project Structure” and Show List of Variables.


Adding IDs into the question part

If you want to show the label (=text) or value (=number) you have to put the ID in the question html code in brackets and ad @ to show the value:
  • The label of the variable is {234ccf15-c156-45a1-9767-e0256786752a}
  • The value is {234ccf15-c156-45a1-9767-e0256786752a}@

Just put in those IDs into any kind of questfox question right into the question text.

Anna Liska from germany typed in her favorite number. The receiving page looks like this
 An animated overview about this process:
A live example for you to follow that example:
Also see the advanced applications of data integration in links under
Magical Re-Direct Linktails in #questfox
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