Magical Re-Direct Linktails in #questfox

questfox SaaS offers all functionalities to transfer data into questfox or to re-direct a person to a thid-party website with additional information to be used by the website owner. to interact with other websites

The structure is always the same:
Link BID= Project ID &q_ Target Variable ={ Value of Target variable }{ddc779a0-513e-4efb-a0bb-0b58450e5052}
The brackets { } make sure that the label text is transfered in the link.
If you ad @ after } you can use the actual value behind the label of a question.
For single choice items please ad @ after the }
It might look like this:{ddc779a0-513e-4efb-a0bb-0b58450e5052}@
Create a new variable inside of questfox and find out the ID of that question under answer settings.

Add this ID to your link with a value behind.

Adding hidden information to your questfox project from the outside


Under INVITE you can add numerous unique links to questfox. The unique links can have additional so called linktails carrying additional information.

Just add &q_ and your question ID with the number that you are transfering (here: 666)


This number will be saved in the variable.

You can use this function to transfer customer IDs into questfox or to differentiate different website sources by giving each partner site a specific link which fills the question with a specific value.

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