Links in questfox. Personalized, anonymous or QR Code?

questfox offers a lot of opportunities to individualize the interaction with respondents. The email invitation is a standard procedure that is based on a created link. Links can be general (everyone uses the same link) not allowing to control for participation and not able to prevent multiple participation or personalized.

A personalized link has the feature of being able to continue the questionnaire at the last answering page in case someone did not finish the survey and wants to continue some other time. It is also possible to only allow participation with individual links.

questfox is able to shorten links. There are several options to do this. Under Create Re-Direct Links you can create a shortened link. In case you need personalized links there is the feature of creating a list of anonymous (because the system questfox does not know where this link is going to be used) links and then download a csv file. One can then use the serial letter functions in Outlook to send out an email with very individual links.

By the way: The questfox links are not the shortest ones on the internet. Also questfox does not mean a lot to the people out there. So it may be an idea to use an additional link shortener in which you make the questfox shortlink even shorter. We used to use (which was stopped by Google) and now really enjoy (professional version requires payment). A nice initiative in Germany even sends a political message with their link shortener against NAZIS. See

Hybrid versions of the link structure are also common. A client recently generated 80 general links to be spread in his 80 branches and 2000 individualized links for his employees. For the 80 links the client needed 80 different QR Codes.

We had the task to generate 80 QR Codes and found this marvelous template from Tammy Worcester which allows to integrate your questfox links and automatically generates as much QR Codes as you need. The template runs of Google Tables and is available here. Thank you Tammy!

It is a bit tricky to play around with the formats, but if you stay online with chrome you can easily use this template. In questfox you can then see the participation rate of each link. If you download the list again the status of the participants may have change into completed, droped-out etc.

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