#404 New error messages when dealing with questfox links

Setting projects offline/online

questfox can set projects online or offline. As users were not able to distinguish a broken link from a project set to offline we established new error messages. Our excuses for doing this so late.

A project set to offline will always show your individual offline message. You can create this message under project settings – edit.

Hide URL-Parameters of the project

We describe the function of Browser Fingerprinting in this post from 2016.

Under project settings one can define the URL to be hidden in the browser.

The standard questfox link is looking like
and will be replaced with a useless HTML page https://q.questfox.com/go.html

This view in the browser has the sheer function NOT TO BE copied. This should protect your project from unintended participation if you do not want people to copy and spread the invitation link they see in their browser. Anyhow we experienced that people still try to copy and paste this link and end up on a 404 error page.

Some users copy and paste links while destroying the link structure. This ends in a classic 404 error (page not found). We created a new 404 page to show to anybody that the link is not correct.

Digital Fingerprinting against multiple participation

If you use digital fingerprinting in your project you can block-out people from multiple participation.

The setting is under project settings. Default is off.

If you switch Browser Fingerprinting to ON, each device/browser can only participate once. As this includes you as the person testing the survey it may be a good idea to only use that function right before you go online.

The new error message for the digital fingerprint looks as such:

If someone sees that message the person probably tried to participate more than once.

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